“In the Dark” by Matthew Maichen

“Night terrors never take gray souls

But target ones of vibrant color or

Is it the other way around? Does the

Dark create the stars?”


Honored to be able to publish a poem by Matthew Maichen, editor of The Metaworker. I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing Matthew perform live in Oceanside, and his spoken word is some of the most powerful I’ve ever seen in person. Let’s meet him:

“Matthew Machen is the Editor-In-Chief of The Metaworker, a literary blog at: http://www.themetaworker.com. He can almost always be found at Glassless Minds in Oceanside. When he isn’t writing poetry or working on his novel, he’s job-hunting.”

“Mindless Love” by Kenzie D.

“Driving into the darkness listening to you

unravel the methodically placed threads

that strung your facade together”


“Kenzie D. is an emerging author who was born and raised in a small town in Kansas. She now resides in a (slightly less small) city in Oklahoma with her boyfriend and two pups. Having fallen from her passion in the past she is now overcoming a few different hardships in her life and is allowing then to run through her onto paper. She recently released her first poetry book entitled Words. Currently Kenzie is working on a second poetry book, a children’s series and her first full length novel.”


You can have a read of Kenzie’s wonderful poem as entry {no.8} in Vol I Issue I.



“The Funny Guy” by Matthew Galloway

“Thats why I prefer to be the Funny Guy

Because I adore it when people laugh”


“Very excited to have a spoken word submission! I was very privileged to hear this piece performed live while I was in Hull. Let’s meet Matthew Galloway:

Matthew Galloway is a student from Hull, Yorkshire, and is currently studying Drama at Hull University with a keen interest in acting, voice acting, and writing. This is his first real attempt at spoken word and to be honest, he’s not used to talking about himself this much (even this bio is a struggle). If you want to get in touch with Matt, just look for the 6 foot 4 ginger guy in Hull with an identity complex and too much time on his hands spent bitching about it in a rap poem. He hopes you enjoy his stuff.”


“one-to-ten” by Rachel Elmer

“You see, the human you are in theory is your legacy”


New poetry!

Thrilled to have Rachel Elmer contribute to Vol. I. She has a brilliant bio so I’ll let it speak for itself. Let’s meet her:

“Rachel Ellmer is a poet and aspiring actor from Yorkshire, England. She’s a 19-year-old with a swollen sense of her ability to rationalise her own existence and she promises that she’s a lot less depressing in person. In under two decades, she’s accumulated a hefty list of merits- she was once described as “a pleasure to have in class” in 2006 and also happens to know every single word of Billy Joel’s hit song We Didn’t Start The Fire. She sometimes will say words on various stages in and around Hull and is currently working on as many theatre and poetry projects as her student loan will allow. If you can’t make one of her sets now- for a small tip, you can probably catch a snippet in a few years as she’s waiting tables.”

“Sliver” by Matt Nicholson

“To capture new colors

and to confirm known edges”


Wheeeee’ve got a new submission! Let’s meet our newest contributor:

Matt Nicholson is a poet from East Riding of Yorkshire. His poetry is sometimes dark and intense, sometimes heartfelt and funny, but always painstakingly honest. He writes and performs just about anywhere that people will let him, and his debut collection, “There and back to see how far it is” will be published in October 2016 by The King’s England Press, the link to which can be found below:



Check out his poem as {no. 5} in Vol I

“New York, New York, New York, New York” by Dave Mahoney

“Familiarity through 1080p

Familiarity through 1980.”


We’ve got new poetry! Dave Mahoney is a poet residing in Hull England. Dave and I met at the New Adelphi Slam Poetry competition when I was studying abroad, and I have had the great honor of being a featured poet at his Open Your Cakehole open mic.

Dave is an extremely talented and charismatic spoken word poet, a staple on the scene in Hull. His poem, which can be found as {no. 4} in volume I, details a short yet chaotic period in New York City. Mr. Mahoney does a fantastic job of capturing the sense of suffocation felt by an artist struggling to find a voice in a new and confusing place.



The Importance of Open-mic

Glassless Minds is a brilliant open mic night held in Oceanside in the space next to Petite Madeline’s Bakery every second and fourth Thursday of the month. After stumbling on the event after a month of searching for a new place to share work I decided to drive over one night. It’s a fair drive from Temecula, but was well worth it. I find that there’s something powerful and intangible about open mic, a format that is sometimes seen as amateurish or overtly angsty. Thankfully Glassless Minds defies all stereotypes. The sense of community and immediacy of emotion was incredible. Tears were shed from the first performer and we stayed transfixed on the simple microphone at the front of the room for the next three hours. Everything from spoken word to standup comedy to music. Every medium was represented and encouraged.

I have not yet missed a night at Glassless since then. I was recently fortunate enough  to interview one of the night’s longest patrons and organizers, Alfredo Aguilar. His interview, during which he discussed the origins of the night and the importance of open mic spaces, can be found as the third entry in Vol. I.

If you live in the San Diego/Oceanside area and are interested in sharing some of your artwork (it can literally be anything) I would encourage you to come out to Glassless Minds in Oceanside. Doors open at 6:30.

“No Lighthouses” by Oliver Strong

Our first submission has officially been published! A special thank you and shoutout to our first contributor Oliver Strong! The link to his poem can be found in Vol I.

Let’s meet him:

One time slam champion and current VCW Predictions champion, Oliver Strong has a love for all things poetry and some things wrestling. 23 years on this planet has left him unnaturally jaded and he mostly distrusts everyone and everything. He’s been known to occasionally write and say words and sometimes he says words that other people have written, and someone else has directed. He likes all the normal things and is in no way particularly unique. He also is not good at writing bios but promises he will try harder on the next one.

Hi there

If you’ve come here on purpose, thanks for checking out this project. If you’ve ended up here accidentally, this is Visceral Business. It is my intention to put out a small poetry publication. If you are at all interested in sending in work I encourage you to have a look at the submissions page.